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AR , For Synthesis, Purified and extra pure, HPLC and Spectroscopy, Gradient Grade, Bio chemistry, Dry solvents, PRA solvents, ACS Reagents, Microbiology, Electronic Grade, GCHS, Ion Pair Chromatography

AR: These chemicals are useful in sophisticated analytical instruments and research work, where high purity is essential. Our strength quality control guarantees, minimum assays and maximum limit of trace impurities.

For Synthesis: General purpose reagents used in many potential applications in chemical laboratories. Careful control ensures that a consistently high defined quality is maintained throughout..

Extra Pure/LR/Purified : These consist of wide range of organic reagent in preparative chemistry and other diverse fields. Its range covers all the chemicals required on day-to-day basic of all type of chemicals laboratories, we offer guaranteed quality at an affordable prices.

HPLC &  Spectroscopy:  
The selective State of art manufacturing and packaging facility delivers highest purity of HPLC & Spectroscopy” grade solvents. These solvents offer lowest background and reproducible UV absorbance profile, and the UV curves consistently conform to theoretical limits. Freedom from impurity peaks ensures the highest purity of the solvents. Extremely low levels non-volatile matter, water and other generic and secondary impurities in the HPLC & Spectroscopy grade solvents assure longer life and optimum performance to the expensive columns and supportive system components. These solvents are most suitable for UV, Visible, IR, NMR & HPLC techniques.

Gradient Grade:
Gradient grade solvents are specified with a gradient elution test at short wavelengths to illustrate the interference-free baselines. Both, UV transmission & florescence signals are monitored. Gradient Grade solvents are lot tested and precisely controlled to meet the high quality requirements of Gradient Applications.

Bio Chemistry: Highly purified reagents for use in bio chemical research and analysis. They are free from inhibitors such as traces of heavy metals and tested with a view of bio chemical work. Our range includes alkaloids, amino acids, buffers, carbohydrates, enzymes, enzyme substrates, nucleotides and derivatives 

Dry Solvents:
These solvents are processed and distilled with drying agents to obtain a minimum possible moisture content and are most suitable for Moisture Sensitive Reactions.

PRA Solvents: The range of high purity solvents Pesticide Residue Trace Analysis have been specifically designed for the analysis of pesticide residues in the food industry and in the environment control, for example in drinking water.

ACS Reagents:
The de facto standard for chemicals used in many high purity applications-ACS Grade reagents have been introduced. All products offered under the ACS grade bear specifications in line with the monographs as per the 10th edition of Reagent Chemicals published by the American Chemical Society.

Micro Biology:
A broad range of culture media bases, additives, stains and indicators, for use in detection, growth and identification of micro-organisms.

Electronic Grade:
Electronic grade chemicals are specially meant for the electronic industry that requires high levels of purity and trace impurities. These products contain metallic and ionic impurities that are reduced up to ppb levels.

Analysis of residue solvents using GC Headspace  techniques, has become a mojaor conrol procedure in pharmacutelcals and food realted industries. The newly Introduced GC-HS grade solvents are most suitable for such applications and they bear purity and specifications that meet the requirement of the latest Ph.Eur, USP& ICh Guidelines.

Ion Pair Chromatography: Highly pure additives for ion pair chromatography are suitable for detection in the low UV range. Reagents of this special quality inspected by means of  a filter  test.

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